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What is SEO and why does it matter?

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a process used by website designers and online marketers to optimize your website for search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and many more, out of which the most important is Google search Engine. It mainly involves improving a website performance to make sure it ranks higher for specific keywords that your business is targeting. 


For any business it is considered to be crucial to engage in some form of SEO activity for their business website, in order to derive more traffic & solid the online reputation in the long term. With Search Engine Monk’s SEO, your business website will have all the right measures that tell Google you wanna rank on the very 1st page of their search engine results, right where your prospects can find you.

Take the best out of SEO with FREE website traffic & leads with Search Engine Monk’s proven experience

When your business website starts ranking organically in Google’s search results, all the clicks that your website gets are free – and so are the leads you acquire.

For a fixed monthly fee, you can leverage endless free traffic, engagement and leads to your business website, helping you utilize your marketing budget in a more efficient way, as an outgrowth of SEO, improving the visibility of your website.

Search Engine Monks has helped hundreds of business owners achieve the results they have desired. We do not believe in giving our customers any kind of false hopes by using marketing buzzwords and fancy branding terms. Instead, we follow our proven, innovative set of techniques to deliver the best SEO results. Our client results are a testimony of our expertise,dedication and knowledge!

Ensure your online business success – choose a top ranking SEO company in Edmonton, Canada

The success of your business is what matters the most to us – the reason why we offer our clients a versatile suite of SEO Canada services. Our main focus is to build your online reputation by creating an online presence with effective & proven Local SEO strategies.

We do not believe in providing quick fixes for your brand. The SEO team at Search Engine Monks follows a thorough research, design and development process to ensure that you receive the best results while adhering to industry standards. We are on a mission to build trust amongst all our clients by guaranteeing delivery within promised timelines. That is why along with affordable Canada SEO packages, we also deliver monthly SEO reports for all our clients so that they can stay updated with their monthly rankings.

We promise to deliver the best SEO services Canada

We cater the following SEO Marketing Canada services that will help your online business achieve new heights of success:

– Online Business Website SEO Audit

– Off-page optimization – Link building strategies

– On-page SEO – Content, meta tags and keyword optimization

– Local SEO – Adapting your website for mobile users

– Google Ads – PPC – Online Lead Generation 

– Web Design & Development 

We are results driven

Online Search Visibility

1st Page Rankings

More Organic Leads

Our Universal SEO Strategy

As Canada’s one of the best SEO agencies, we make sure that your business website is reached to your target audience/ business prospects and it achieves your desired SEO ranking. In order to do that, we invest in three crucial aspects of SEO:

Technical SEO With Search Engine Monks

Technical SEO is considered to be one of the most important parts of online SEO activities that should be focused while running any Local SEO activities for your business website to achieve right set conversions & online SEO Leads. Technical SEO includes optimizing the infrastructure of your business website to ensure that visitors navigate well, so it can be easily crawled and ranked by desired search engines. 

There are multiple parameters that play an important role when it comes to Local SEO, including your website’s URL structure, sitemap, page content and many more. All this work is thoroughly audited by our inhouse SEO Monks team to ensure all the important factors are considered and fixed on an ongoing basis, making sure that your business website is always ranking top on Google leaving your competitors behind.

Content SEO With Search Engine Monks

They say content is a key to your SEO, that’s for a reason. Conducting detailed SEO audits, extensive keyword research and optimizing entire content on your business website ensures that it is not only crawlable for Google, but that enables you to engage more users is a significant aspect of ensuring conversions and increasing ROI. Unique and SEO friendly, high-quality, engaging and applicable content helps remarkably to the success of businesses on the internet, therefore we have our in-house team of English native copywriters who are experts in tone of voice to ensure our clients have prominent content on websites & blogs.

Link building SEO

What greater way to show how helpful and relevant your site is, than to have other relevant websites linking to it? That list of website visitors can. A long list of links to your site can promise a vote of trust, indicating to Google that your website is trustworthy and important that should be ranked top for prospects to find. We have a unique outreach network to high traffic and engaging websites that are relevant to our clients’ business industry, no matter what! These websites are trusted by Google, have healthy engagement & reach and help the authority of our clients, making sure that your website is not linked to any spam sites.


Every business needs a tailored SEO service that works for them.

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Search Engine Monks is Google Premier Partner

Google knows our SEO Canada team as one of the top agencies in Edmonton, Canada. Enhance your website visibility and let the best SEO agency in Canada take care of the rest.


Yes! Absolutely anyone can learn and implement SEO Canada themselves as much information is accessible online. There are many online courses and seminars with SEO Experts providing all the tools and techniques to successful and effective SEO marketing plans and SEO campaigns. The real question would be whether it is advisable to invest your time by yourself or hire an SEO Agency to do the work for you. With many different parameters to learn and execute, such as the core onsite optimization, development of a Website, keyword research, content writing, and link building, we would generally advise hiring an SEO agency in Canada or perhaps, if enough resources are available, then recruiting an SEO team in the house would be a
good choice to get the most ROI.

Like all services related to business, several decisive factors must be considered to ensure the best decision is made for your online marketing/IT business partner. In Canada and the US, UK, there are many Digital and SEO agencies. The first and most important factor to be considered is ensuring the agency is established and has a proven track record. The SEO activities can be managed and performed from anywhere, with a range of quality and service levels. That’s how it’s very crucial to work with a proven SEO agency with a better understanding of online trends & market.

At Search Engine Monks, we have achieved remarkable results in digital marketing campaigns when business owners and clients are directly connected with their online campaigns. Whether it be SMM, SEO, Google Ads (PPC) or web development, the communication between client and agency leads to concrete and stunning results. Our team of account managers explains the same benefits of being involved in the online marketing of your Canada-based business. We have been recognized as a leading marketing agency within the Canada region, demonstrating superior social media management, internet marketing expertise and, most importantly, client revenue growth, leading to our Premier Partnership with Google.

SEO stands for search engine optimization. When referring to your business’s SEO, the standard practice is to refer to Google, given that a high percentage of people in most parts of the world, including here in Canada, use Google as their default search engine. Optimization refers to optimizing a website to ensure that search engines can navigate through a site quickly and provide the website with the best SEO results for the keywords according to the SEO strategy in place.

Yes, SEO can help your business by increasing visibility online as search engine results, helping to increase website traffic, and improving brand awareness and online reputation. SEO can also help to improve the credibility of your business, as well as help to increase conversions and generate more leads.

A process of SEO is required as long as it is essential to maintain rankings of your relevant keywords on the search engines; once this set of SEO activities stop, chances are high that any rankings established will begin to fade, and the level of competition would be a factor in how quickly this takes place. A basic SEO level would be encouraged, such as creating monthly blog posts with structured blog posts. In competitive industries, investment in SEO must continue to maintain any established

Just like any SEO company, Canada businesses need to know how to handle
negotiations. Whether you’re the buyer, the seller, or the middle man – you need to know how to play your part well and win the game. SEO activities can help you generate online leads which you can close afterwards with the help of your closing and negotiation skills.

SEO is generally measured by calculating the overall traffic that comes into a website organically from any search engines. There are many more metrics that our team of experts would be looking into but generally speaking; organic traffic is the best way to measure the success or lack of success when it comes to measuring SEO.

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