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Let's Start with the Tasty Social Media Marketing Stats…

There are now over 4 Million people who use Social Media across all platforms!
Instagram Stories is a clear winner amongst influencers for the most popular form of social media marketing content posted.
Facebook remains the most popular platform with 93% of agencies investing
Linkedin generated more than $1 billion of revenue from Ad spending last year.
Facebook is responsible for 25% of the global digital spend
Engagement on Instagram is over 5 times the volume of Facebook
Collectively, Social Media advertising exceeded the cost of Google spending for the first time in 2022 and is on track to grow further with 25% growth year on year.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is also known as online marketing and digital marketing. It uses the different social media platforms on which users build their social networks, share information to build business’s online reputation, increase sales and conversions with increased business website traffic. Furthermore, offering companies a way to engage with existing customers and convert new ones, with the help of data analytics, social media marketers can track the success of their campaigns and identify what’s working best for their clients. 

Social Media Marketing uses different social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn to market services / products. Social media marketing mainly focuses on major 3 aspects, connections, interactions and prospect data. SMM has transformed the way businesses can influence prospects and their mindsets, from generating content that can drive more engagement.


As the marketing industry emerges, one of the major platforms that has evolved and made an enormous effect on not only clients, but businesses too, is social media. As per statistics, over 3.6 billion people use social media, and that number keeps increasing, every single day.With the potential of social media to expand and around 60% of users following a brand’s accounts on social media to educate themselves about their new products/ services, companies have been smart enough to move onto such social media platforms and illustrate their business models.

However, the majority of businesses that don’t know how to avoid posting wrong content and they end up abandoning their social media accounts. This is where social media management can be your weapon for online lead generation. 

Social media management is executed  by a team of social media specialists who create proven strategies to help in establishing the direct connection between consumers and brands with building an online community, instead of posting irrelevant content. Team Search Engine Monks will manage your social media handles, helping to craft your brand online by creating unique posts, reels and content etc with the planned social profile audits and audience & keywords research, which are essential to rolling out relevant content.

Why do you need social media management (SMM)?

Increasing Online Visibility

Whenever any piece of content is posted online, it’s gonna get seen! Your frequency of posting content online is definitely going to help your brand presence online, especially on social media. Any business that is not seen to have social media accounts will have little online presence than the ones who do. 

Businesses are not generally well educated in knowing social media and how it works, which troubles their ability to engage with their target modern audience.

Hence business accounts on social media are best managed by a team of experts who specialize in mastering the evolving industry and how to invest in it.

Improve Brand Awareness

Which business wouldn’t want their brand awareness increasing, every single day? Every time we post something on social media accounts, the more people will see it, the higher engagement rate will be achieved. For any business, it’s main goal is to be in front of your prospect’s mind whenever they’re making any purchase. Social media is a powerful tool to increase your brand awareness, especially in Canada.

Social media experts are able to understand how users browse online and make social media strategy including posting times defending upon the region, type of content and length of captions and hashtags based off of this study.

Increase User Engagement

For any business on social media platforms, the more people who engage with your content will have a direct impact on both enhancing presence and also brand recognition. Social media is a place for consumers to engage with one another and including different businesses. As far as the engagement is coming for both ways the impact is going to be favorable.

In order to achieve so, our team of social media experts are able to create successful brand stories that can reach a massive group of people, and can also help consumers to understand more about the brand. Given the fact that your consumers first want to know about your brand before making any kind of purchase, it is crucial to establish that personal connection that can help you increase conversions, loyal clientele and reputation in the market.

Our expert team of social media monks have built brand personalities from scratch

We honor ourselves in catering our clients through several ways, including establishing and taking care of their social media presence, creating a comprehensive 360 degree marketing campaign that reaches audiences that our clients were unable to convert.

Our team of social media experts has more than 7+ years of experience in social media marketing and have worked with multiple industries from small start-ups to huge companies, helping each client to find their social media strength and utilize it in the best way possible for their varied audiences.

Our work has varied from establishing an online presence from scratch to nurturing a larger audience for those who are already present on social media platforms. In working closely with each client and creating effective & proven social media strategies, this has helped multiple clients have their online reputation in the most unique and authentic way possible.


Every business needs a tailored SEO service that works for them.

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Search Engine Monks is Google Premier Partner

Google knows our SEO Canada team as one of the top agencies in Edmonton, Canada. Enhance your website visibility and let the best SEO agency in Canada take care of the rest.


NO! There is no need to hire or engage a social media marketing agency, the content and full execution can be done by an individual or a business internally. The benefits of hiring an agency is both a time saving benefit and also to tap in to experience and expertise of what actually works. We strongly encourage businesses to try themselves although many times an agency proves to be money well invested.

Definitely yes!! The people of Canada and in fact all across the globe are heavy users of Social Media with the typical Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok leading the way in usage. This makes social media a fantastic place to advertise products and services for increased online reputation. As a service provider ourselves we receive almost 5 to 7 fresh enquiries each day with the help of social media marketing.

Social media is cheap, compared to Google and other forms of paid marketing. The cost is always relative to the ROI but in terms of the Canadian market, Social media remains a generally cheap form of marketing. Budgets can be 100% controlled on a daily basis so as long as you find an awesome agency such as Search Engine Monks, we believe social media is the most cost effective place to market your business.

This purely depends on the nature of your business or industry. For example, Facebook is becoming more popular with the 35-45 year old age group whereas Instagram and Tik Tok are more popular and powerful marketing tools for the younger crowd. Having said that here at Search Engine Monks we believe in having a presence on as many different platforms as possible and with time and using data the budgets and focus can be adjusted according to where the success and the ROI comes from. The social media strategy is very important so that you get your bang for your buck!

As part of our social media marketing strategies, we would determine the best channels to post for your business, depending upon your business industry. When we compare Instagram and Linkedin we can clearly see a different type of user in a different state of mind so it’s very important that the correct content is designed for the correct channel. Here at Search Engine Monks we work on all of the social channels but will only encourage the right ones for you.

Typically we offer the complete management of your social media channel including strategy and execution for Social Media. We include all creatives from infographics, photography, videography and high level captions with hashtags. We will provide scheduled posting by way of a monthly content calendar to ensure the social media channels we are working on are always fresh, relevant and up to date!

Yes, absolutely! Marketing the right content to the right audiences will help increase your social media followers and engagement. The Social media marketing goals should be aligned with the agencies and if the correct social media channel is chosen the results should come in picture

Yes! Many people use social media as a source of income. In general terms, the money would be generated by marketing products, services of other businesses through an individual social channel. The bigger the audience will directly impact the social media marketing campaign, usually social media influencers would be paid money to post content to their following.

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